The company was started in 2013 with the name VISIONVISTA®.


Mr. Rajesh B. Palampalle and Mr. Rahul P. Kamble are the Founder member of VISIONVISTA®.


Mr. Rajesh B. Palampalle holds a Master’s degree in M-Tech in Mechanical Design from Pune University and completed a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from Shivaji University and a Diploma in Mechanical from MSBTE Mumbai.

Now Rajesh is Doing his Ph.D. Research in Mechanical Design Engineering with BVDUP Pune.

All his academic projects were based on the design field, so he has deep knowledge regarding analysis and Manufacturing.

Mr. Rajesh has one year of experience in the food processing Industry then two years in the sheet metal Industry. He has Brief knowledge about Piping & Tubing. He also completed many Turnkey Projects in various fields.


Mr. Rahul P. Kamble completed a Diploma in civil from MSBTE and completed a degree in Bachelors of Civil Engineering.

Mr. Rahul has years of experience in the private and public sectors. He has been a Government Registered contractor having a license of PWD Maharashtra since 2011. 

He Built Gravity Poured Concrete Retaining Walls in hilly areas.

He has six years of field experience in Sectors like Retaining walls of 400KV tower lines in Dhund, Pandharpur Area. In Mangalweda, he constructed Residential Buildings for Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission company ltd. 

He also worked with Godrej Construction Company for the Foundation of 400KV Tower lines as a sub-contractor in Aurangabad, Patan region.

In the Marketing field, he was a dealer of Rapid wall plaster RCF India year 2015-2016 for the Satara region. He completed the showroom for Honda Company which is in Patan.

With these three pillars of the company, many people and new technology are connected. We are happy to share that the Expansion of VISIONVISTA® two pride companies is established, and the graph of our companies is increasing day by day.


VISIONVISTA® Design solution is Mechanical Based company, and VISIONVISTA® Infrastructure is Civil Based.

Recently we have registered our Third VISIONVISTA® Render Studio, which is the total solution for Digital Marketing. 

The office is in Pune in the Katraj region.

We have professional, transparent team members with years of Great Experience in Various fields.


We pride ourselves on being